With the recent regulations for 2020 in Massachusetts, changing the traditional gatherings with family and friends around the holidays, many are looking for alternate ways to enjoy the season. A few ways to have fun while social distancing, with plenty to do on Cape Cod this season:

With conservation and preservation being a high priority on Cape Cod, exploring the Cape’s natural beauty while going on a hike or scenic walk, is ideal for this season. With over 120 well maintained nature trails on Cape Cod, it is the perfect opportunity to explore new areas of Cape Cod or surrounding cities, that you may have otherwise never been to.

Drive through neighborhoods, to see decorations and light displays, taking advantage of sun going down in the early hours, allows for time to take a drive while returning back home before the curfew hours. Not sure what neighborhood has decorations? Visit the Heritage Museum and Gardens, for their annual Gardens Aglow (tickets required).

Have a pet? Cape Cod public beaches allow dogs after September 15 until May 15 (dogs must be on leash or under voice control). With over 130 beaches on Cape Cod, there is plenty of area to social distance and play catch with dogs, collect shells with kids or simply go for a beach stroll. Just make sure to bundle up before heading out.

Snow on the ground? Enjoy making snowman or building a igloo, sledding down one of the local golf courses or nice hill in the backyard. Or have fun with a good ole snowball fight.

Staying Inside? Cozy up with hot cocoa by the fireplace. Make gingerbread houses and enjoy holiday movies or a good book inside.

Reflecting on the year and everything we individually are thankful for. Stay safe and enjoy the season!