Try an Authentic and Delicious New England Clambake

Just like regions can be known for certain activities, they can also be known for a certain cuisine. For example, when you think of places like Kansas or Texas, you probably think of barbecue. When you think of the type of cuisine or dishes associated with New England, you probably think of seafood. With miles of shoreline, it’s not hard to see why places like Cape Cod specialize in these dishes. If visiting Lighthouse Inn this summer, expand your palate by trying a traditional New England clambake.

What Is a Clambake?

A clambake is a traditional seafood picnic that early settlers on the Atlantic coast adopted from coastal Native Americans. Today, these feasts are a classic Cape Cod celebration characterized by good food and good times. 

The day-long affair is not overly complicated, but the end product is no less delicious. A classic clambake involves a few easy steps.

  1. Start off by digging pits in the sand and lining it with rocks.
  2. A fire is built in the pit until the docks are hot enough that water sizzles when splashed with water. 
  3. Once the rocks reach this temperature, the fire is allowed to die out, coals are taken out of the pit, and seawood is placed over the hot rocks. 
  4. Ingredients for the clambake are then placed on the seaweed-covered rocks before being covered with more seawood and some sort of fabric soaked in seawater.
  5. The steam from the seaweed cooks the food – a whole egg is often added to the pit, and when that’s cooked, so are the lobsters.

Generally speaking, the menu of a clambake is pretty simple. It consists of clams, corn, lobster or shrimp, and potatoes. 

Plan Your Cape Cod Escape with Lighthouse Inn

A Cape Cod resort and its beach that's near places to try a New England clambake.From trying your first clambake to discovering lighthouses, there are countless quintessential New England activities to enjoy during your stay at Lighthouse Inn. Our charming waterfront resort on ning secluded acres on Cape Cod is the perfect destination for anyone looking to have a relaxing and adventure-filled vacation.

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