An outdoor oceanfront New England wedding ceremony at a Cape Cod venue.

Tips for Planning Your Dream New England Wedding

It can seem like planning your dream New England wedding is filled with never-ending decisions and stress. However, while there is a fair amount of work involved, this should be a fun and a happy experience!  At The Lighthouse Inn, we’ve had the pleasure of being the chosen oceanfront venue of countless weddings, which means we have hosted a variety of beautiful celebrations for that special day and multi-day events as well. To help our present and future couples have the best planning experience possible, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips.

Tip 1: Secure Your Date as Soon as Possible

One of the first things you want to do is reserve our Cape Cod wedding venue as soon as possible. Dates can fill up quickly. If you have a specific date or time of year in mind, it is extra important that you lock in your day as soon as possible. 

Tip 2: Try to Set Boundaries

Planning a wedding is not only a joyous time for you and your partner but for your loved ones as well. However, sometimes these other people can get a bit too excited and give copious amounts of unsolicited advice or opinions. One way to keep yourself sane is by setting boundaries from the start. It is important you and your fiancé are aligned in what these boundaries look like and remain committed to enforcing them.

Tip 3: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

While it might be up to the two of you to make the decisions, you don’t have to execute on them alone. There are several tasks you can and should delegate. This can be something as easy as putting your maid of honor in charge of the emergency kit or creating the perfect getting-ready playlist. It can also mean having help in bringing your DIY decor ideas to life.

Tip 4: Turn to the Experts

The space of a Cape Cod venue set up for a New England wedding reception.One of the best ways to ensure your New England wedding goes off without a hitch is by trusting the experts. The talented wedding coordinator at The Lighthouse Inn is here to help you every step of the way. From setting up your rehearsal dinner to providing some ideas for potential vendors with whom we have worked previously, we are here for you!

To learn more about our oceanfront Cape Cod wedding venue and resort and why we’re the perfect fit for your big day, fill out our online request form.