Highbush berries are one of the native Cape Cod plants at Lighthouse Inn.Situated on the Massachusetts coastline, Lighthouse Inn is surrounded by natural beauty. Trade in your city views for the sandy shoreline of our West Dennis hotel. This change in scenery is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life. In an effort to provide you with the best stay possible, we are constantly working to improve our resort and its grounds. The latest improvement comes from newly planted plants native to Cape Cod. 

Why Plant Native Flowers

Over the years, people have realized the importance of native gardening. This practice involves using plants that have been growing in a particular habitat or region for years. Because of this, they have adapted to the soil conditions, light, climate, and ecosystem. Sometimes referred to as indigenous plants, this type of flora often requires less water and fertilizers. One big reason for the push for the inclusion of native species is the relationship between them and wildlife, like pollinators and birds.

What Massachusetts Native Plants Can You See at Lighthouse Inn

At Lighthouse Inn, we’ve been focused on including native flowers in the new plants that call our lush flower beds home. Not only does this new work make our stunning grounds even more picturesque, but it also means we are doing our part to help the environment around us. 

Next time you’re wandering the resort, keep your eye out for the new additions, including:

  • Sweet pepperbush is another one of the new native Cape Cod plants on the grounds at Lighthouse Inn.Clethra alnifolia: Also known as summersweet or sweet pepperbush, this plant features white petals and buds. 
  • Comptonia peregrina: Commonly referred to as sweet-fern, this leafy plant has a slightly citrusy and pungent herbal aroma. 
  • Prunus maritima: This shrub, known as beach plum, features beautiful displays of white flowers in spring before getting its fruit. 
  • Amelanchier spicata: Often called dwarf or running serviceberry, enjoy the white flowers that give way to berries in the early summer.
  • Vaccinium corymbosum: From its bell-shaped flowers in spring to vibrant red leaves in fall, this plant, also called highbush blueberry, offers colorful foliage almost all year. 

For a more extensive list, talk to our front desk staff.

Plan a Quintessential Cape Cod Escape

Lighthouse Inn planted native Cape Cod plants throughout its grounds, like by the cottages.From the native plants to a historic lighthouse right on-site, there’s no better place for a traditional Cape Cod getaway than Lighthouse Inn. You’ll instantly feel relaxed the minute you arrive at our oceanfront resort.

Located on nine acres, our grounds are filled with everything you could want on a getaway. Have a cozy place to call home when you stay in our accommodations. As a full-service resort, we also feature a number of on-site activities like a heated swimming pool, fire pit, game room, and more. Call 508-398-2244 to learn more about our resort and booking your stay.