After a 5 Year planning process the Lighthouse Inn is happy to announce the completion of phase 1 of our new beach!   A great improvement for the Inn that is celebrating its 80th year as a hotel and 163 years as a lighthouse

The original structure was built on April, 1 1926 by Harry Noyes.  The Lighthouse Inn, Inc has been working closely with local, regional, state and federal government  over the past 5 years to complete the project.

The first phase included opening up a 54 foot section of the breakwater and relocating the rocks shoreward of the center section of the breakwater to form a T that after extensive beach nourishing forms 2 embayment beaches. The breakwater which was installed in the 70’s to protect the property from coastal storms protected the property, but as a result of the single 25 foot opening scoured out the sand and wasn’t sufficient size for proper tidal flushing This caused stagnation of the area inside the breakwater and trapped detritus (seaweed).

A total of  5,660 tons(274 10 wheel truck loads)  beach compatible sand was brought in and transformed the waterfront area in front of the restaurant and main house.  There is now 60 feet by 260 feet of walkable beach during high tide and even more during low tide!

The Stone family and  Lighthouse Inn staff look forward to welcoming you this year for our 80th season!