There are so many things to do and see when you come to visit Cape Cod, but one of the outings you won’t want to miss is a visit to all of our Cape Cod lighthouses.

Did you know that Cape Cod is filled with lighthouses? These symbols of safety and security have been exceptionally important to the Cape Cod area throughout history, and through the work of area historians and volunteers, they have been kept alive and often restored. Today, you can visit all of them and enjoy climbing the winding staircases and looking out at the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline.

When you come to visit Cape Cod for the lighthouses, you won’t want to choose a hotel or inn that’s too far away, of course! A true family visit to Cape Cod for the lighthouses means being close to the coastline and being able to visit a few each day without having to travel far.

The best family friendly hotel in the area for lighthouse visiting is not none other than The Lighthouse Inn! Could there be a better name for an inn?

Let’s take a look at just a few of the lighthouses you’ll definitely want to see while you’re here! All of these are extremely close to our Cape Cod Inn.

The Lighthouses of Cape Cod

Bass River Light: This is the lighthouse that we own and operate. It is directly on our property. For 75 years, the lighthouse was not used and was dark, but on its 200th birthday in 1989, we relit the lighthouse to the delight of everyone in the area and all of our visitors!

Stage Harbor Light: Built in 1880, this lighthouse was actually discontinued in 1933 and replaced with a high skeleton tower. The original building is used as a private residence.

Lewis Bay Light: This lighthouse was named after a royal Navy Admiral. He was a World War I hero; therefore, you can visit this lighthouse to learn more about World War I as well as World War II.

We’d Love to Welcome You at The Lighthouse Inn!

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Come and travel back in time to enjoy our rustic, yet luxurious rooms and suites and amenities. We also have a full-service inn restaurant, which will delight anyone’s palate!

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