When you are in Cape Cod, it’s simply an offense not to go to the beach. In other words, Cape Cod is the beach, and if you want to truly experience it here, simply be by the water as often as possible.

This was never easier than at the Waterfront Restaurant at The Lighthouse Inn — The best waterfront restaurant in Dennis, MA.

Dining at Its Finest: Waterfront Restaurant

The Waterfront Restaurant is the premier restaurant at The Lighthouse Inn. Diners have the option of either sitting either inside in the dining room or outside on the deck (naturally, we recommend sitting outside whenever possible!).

Outside on the deck, it’s the closest you can dine to the ocean on Cape Cod. Sit almost in the water at beautiful tables with shade providing umbrellas! Enjoy the sound of the waves, the call of the seagulls, and the fresh air while you dine on delicious fare made in-house at The Lakeside Inn.

Many of our guests rave about our lovely oceanside Inn, but it’s truly our The Waterfront Restaurant that keeps them coming back. It’s such a relaxing spot to sit and take in the panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Come for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack and drinks, but do remember this restaurant is closed for part of the year (trust us, you don’t want to be sitting outside on the deck in the middle of winter!).

Have Breakfast on the Sea

Many of our guests especially love the breakfast we provide at The Waterfront Restaurant. Choose from an extensive list of choices, including the basics — eggs, oatmeal, beef hash, and various breakfast meats and potatoes — or get crazy. We also offer fish for breakfast! Choose from broiled fresh fish from the sea or fried cod fish cakes — delicious!

There is even a large hot buffet option for a set price, which includes all the basics you could ever want in a delicious American breakfast. And of course, if you just looking for something quick, we always have English muffins, apple pie, bagels, toast, and fresh baked muffins right out of the oven.